How to carve a Thanksgivingturkey 

Remove legs & thighs Grab hold of a leg and pull it slightly away from the bird. Cut along the fold of skin between the breast and thigh, cutting all the way down to the joint.

Fold the leg outward and push up from the backside of the turkey thigh to pop the joint. Cut around the bone and separate the entire leg from the body.

Separate thigh & leg Locate the joint that connects leg and thigh. Slice through the skin and meat and down through the joint.

Remove thigh bone Flip thigh so the skin side faces down. Make a cut along either side of the thigh bone to remove the bone completely.

Slice thigh meat Flip the thigh so the skin is facing up, then cut it against the grain into roughly ½-inch wide pieces.

Remove breast meat Slice down along the breastbone until the breast meat is completely separated from the bone.

Remove the wishbone The wishbone is an inverted Y shaped bone above the neck.

Find it by positioning the bird breast-side up neck facing you.

Cut a slit along both the inside and the outside of each branch of the Y.

Grab where the two branches meet and gently pry the wishbone loose.

Remove wings Wiggle one wing back and forth to locate the shoulder joint.

Slice down to the joint. Repeat on the other wing.

Slice & plate breast meat Slice the turkey breasts into 1/2-inch slices, against the grain , skin side up.

Arrange meat on a warm serving platter Tent with foil, to keep warm, until ready to serve. Decorate with herbs.

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